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The setting is an unknown, uninhabited planet that has been devoid of life for untold centuries. Eons ago, all civilization was destroyed by a vicious war. At the heart of the conflict stands a giant, sprawling castle. The story of this world, as far as any accounts can tell, is that there used to be a vast kingdom here, which was suddenly set upon by an army of hideous monsters called the Scourge. The resulting battle devastated the land. Survivors sought shelter in the castle, the final stronghold left in the kingdom.
But the Scourge eventually breached the castle walls, and tore their way towards the castle itself. Partisans taking refuge inside, fearing for the survival of their people, sought to preserve the memory of their existence in whatever way they could. To this end, they created stained glass windows showing scenes of the battle, and placed them at the very spots they had been seen from.


And now…


You are a creature clad in robes of black, your origins unknown, much like the planet itself. You wield a mean-looking scythe, and you know how to use it. Your overall appearance is reminiscent of a very familiar figure. Nothing is known about you, neither your goals nor your motivations. You enter the castle by falling through a window. With nowhere else to go, your only option is to explore the castle and hopefully discover what brought you here.
However, the castle has a mind of its own. With a deeply rooted need to protect itself from intruders. And it has the means to do so. If you break its precious things, like its stained glass windows, the castle will turn against you. The shattered pieces will come alive, forming monstrosities whose only aim will be to see you perish. The castle will never stop throwing obstacles in your way to hinder your progress, and you will need to brave its entire wrath in order to progress.


The Mystery of the Castle


As you traverse the castle, a kings journal guides you through the journey. You also discover strong hints that an invaluable treasure of some kind is hidden inside the castle. And so your journey begins.


Key Features of the Game

  • Random Experiences - Events are determined by the combination of glass pieces that litter the ground, leading to a variety of different enemies.

  • Solving Puzzles – Breaking windows can lead to unexpected breakthroughs, but sometimes shattering a window can be a challenge in itself.

  • Temporary Victory - Victory is usually temporary, as defeated enemies can form again, or reassemble into entirely new enemies, adding an edge of unpredictability.

  • A Castle with a Mind of its Own – Explore the sprawling, abandoned castle and you may be rewarded for treading the path less travelled.

  • Dazzling Action – Survive being under constant attack from a legion of colourful and shiny stained glass monsters, punctuated by intense boss battles.

  • Swiss Army Scythe – Interchangeable blades allow for distinct combat styles, each one with its own perks, like sliding down walls or dealing extra damage to weak points.

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